Create Interactive Mockup in Inkscape

Make more reliable demo and add interactivity to your inkscape mockups

Demoing a mockup is not only showing drawing a drawing. When having multiple page it can be easy for you and interesting for the client to see interactions in real time. Let’s now do it in Inkscape, thanks to the Interactive Mockup extension.

  1. We have several page mockups
  2. With some interactive elements like links or buttons
  3. Lets select a button
  4. And the page or element to reach
  5. Go to Extensions > Web > Interactive mockup
  6. Select the event in the list
  7. Then apply and close the window
  8. Save as SVG
  9. Open our file in a browser

And navigate freely


Create Interactive Mockup in Inkscape

Thanks to the new Interactive mockups extension, it is now easy to add interactivity to SVG elements

published 30 avril 2020, updated in