How to use Variable Fonts in Inkscape 1.0 in few steps

See how to create new font variant in Inkscape 1.0

It’s now becoming very easy to create custom font weight in Inkscape. Thanks to variable fonts, the designer can create the weight that matches his needs.

  1. First, Select a text and look at the variants we can see commonly used variants.
  2. To create a new one, we need a compatible font, there are some released as Open Font License of google fonts
  3. Download, install and relaunch Inkscape
  4. Next go to Text > Text and Font to manage variants an weight values

We are now ready

  1. Create a new variant between Normal and Medium
  2. Select Normal and set its weight to 450 approx
  3. Click Apply to keep the value in a new variant
  4. You can then select a text and click on the variant to set the text
  5. It is now available in text option bar

Your turn now !





How to use Variable Fonts in Inkscape

See how to create new font weight variants in inkscape 1.0 in very few steps

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